Crystals & Mandala Art

Complementary Services for you which can be done via skype, email or in person (Victoria and occasionally in Hervey Bay- QLD)

Crystal Energy Readings

I love the energy, beauty and energy of crystals. Each has a trait to offer us and can be a positive affirmation in themselves by placing them intentionally, wearing them or even meditating with them. If you would like me to see which Crystal or Flowers present for you at this time, you may choose to have an Online email Intuitive Crystal Energy or Flower Therapy message $8 AUD each or $14 combined. Complete the Contact me form


Flower Therapy Readings

FLower therapy readings and art for you

Energetic Art

More on this soon. Tell me your birth date, main goal this year and I will design, draw and paint you a personal mandala reflecting your Feng Shui Elemental Energies which will have  the intention of attracting your personal goal. Artwork is approximately (10cm x 10cm) and can be framed. I blend paints with Himalayn salt which can act as a space clearing component for you too. Place this in your meditation space and reflect on its colours, shapes and energy while you meditate daily. I hope that it will help you to relax and gently focus on your goals at some stage during your meditation or yoga practice. $48AUD plus $10AUD postage Australia wide. For International orders, I will give you a postage quote via email as well as a PAYPAL payment option. Enquire here

Crafted meditation cushions, knee bolsters coming soon.

Your Complementary Affirmation

With each email message, and Energy mandala, I will send you also a positive intuitive affirmation which you can add to your favourites.  🙂

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