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What a cosmic download I had today. A meditation session gave me today’s title for the blog. Sharing the love.  It’s what I do, have always done and will continue to do for the rest of my life. Whether it’s fashion tips, healing art, beauty know how or Feng shui flow, this is for you, a person who won’t disappear because she reached an age. I see the beauty in others through their eyes and their heart. The fact that I use skincare, makeup and clothing is just my way of helping you to bring what is on the inside to the forefront for your chosen world to see. Your true beauty revealed makes the world a better place for it gives you peace, contentment, pride and happiness. Welcome beautiful sisters. Each week I will share an insight about mind, body or spirit. Voila!

Meditate- go within, for any answer you seek. Try the answer on for size. Ask yourself, how does that feel if it were the case? Fifteen minutes of meditation time is ok . There are no rules. Start with guided meditations if you need to start the habit. When you’re ready, pick your best quiet time to try it alone. I like to feel the warm sun on my body. I like to sit in sunlit Windows during winter months. I also like Himalayan music playing. Ask yourself any question, start with some small ones for practise and to get your energy flowing. I started with simple things three years ago when I was de-cluttering my wardrobe. Does this garment belong to me now? Does this colour reflect me now? It lead me to a few complementary practises and imageI’ve spent decades searching for answers ‘out there’ when all along, the answer is within me as it will be in you.💖

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