Gratitude Page

In Appreciation of my teachers who have helped me to connect with my journey:

First of all my mother Alexandra Egglezou Hatzikalis who was a master dressmaker, she taught me how clothes can gift and support us with the energy we need. After living a few decades….I now understand and bring this gift through for my valued and loved clients and friends. Thank you for being one of my customers.

Master Salwa Abboud, Ministry of Feng Shui, Australia

Fashion Feng Shui International

Andrea Dupont

Sue Donnelly

Beverley Cole

Andrew Maggiore

Reiki Master Fil Iannotuonno, Sacred Keys Melbourne

Cheryl Ricco

Frank Breen

Resources below and I offer you my appreciation and supreme encouragement to read their books:

Abraham Hicks

Barbara De Angelis

Doreen Virtue

Evana Maggiore

Kare Possick

Louise Hay

Florence Scovel Shinn

Jean Haner

Denise Linn

Anthony Robbins

Carolynn Milne

Michelle Newton

Deborah King

Dimitra, my first inspirational Art Teacher. Thank you for giving me extra paper and letting me work on the floor as my drawings always grew too big. x

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