Feng Shui led me to helping others in work life balance

Learning about Feng Shui has been an evolutionary experience for me. It has helped me to understand and appreciate the important things in life and it has helped me to connect with other people who are also seeking a type of balance in their own life.

In addition to my Feng Shui consultations, I practice in my own Beauty consulting service. It has been a truly empowering adventure. I enjoy helping others to do the same.

A career shift isn’t always a clear cut decision making process. As a mentor and manager in Nutrimetics cosmetics, I have met women who want a change in there life for various reasons. I started many years ago as I was a freelance makeup artist who needed a cosmetic kit of products which was gentle enough for all skin types. My career journey led me to work with iconic leaders in beauty’s corporate world as a trainer and executive. I feel that it is like I have come full circle and here I am again, experiencing a wonderful opportunity to share with others.

I have a wonderful customer base which I am continually building and I get to mentor, guide and encourage other consultants to achieve their personal goals by using direct selling as a way of developing their ideal life and work balance.

The company is very generous and supportive and absolutely has zero issue with one’s age. It is truly for everybody. I have a wonderful gentleman in my team who is becoming a wonderful leader.  Young mums may want to have an interest outside of the home and can certainly begin earning an income via selling naturally based cosmetics and home care. Some of my team members are women who have a full time day job and just want to receive the benefits of ordering their own products at a great price for themselves and a few family members and friends. Other members, want to change their career path or re-enter the workforce in a small way. They often feel that they have more insight to give to others and I can see that they do. I can say that there are no limitations here as a Nutrimetics consultant in Australia. If you want to make a career of it, you can. If you want to do just a little, you can. I will be the flag waiver for anyone who wants to ‘have a go’.

For minimal, in fact, next to nothing outlay, why wouldn’t you want to buy skincare, cosmetics, hair care, home care and body products wisely and have some fun in the process?

My favourite product is Nutri Rich Oil – yes, it is a ‘hero’ product, an ‘everything’ balm, NRoilsuper moisturizer and has healing benefits from dry scaly skin, dry lips, eczema to cradle cap. Packed with Vitamin E and botanicals, it nourishes as it is derived from crushed apricot kernel oil.

You can purchase it directly from my online store link here or email me if you are outside Australia and I will get it to you, along with a PDF on its uses (more than 50!). I think that every home needs at least one jar at all times.

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