What is Feng Shui

Feng Shui in considered to be one of the factors which  can influence the quality of life. Feng Shui can help you to live in harmony in the best possible energies within your environment. As Feng Shui consultants, we aim to help you to live positively, with ease and with the natural flow of energy within your space.
It’s not usually a ‘do it yourself’ skill. You can read about different schools of Feng Shui and this does raise your awareness which can be positive however a certified Feng Shui consultant can certainly identify key energy sectors within the home. For example, some areas are best for rest and rejuvenation whereas other areas are best suited to entertainment, music and activity. 
Traditionally in China, people recognised that the quality of their lives was determined by each of the “Five Gifts”:

Destiny, Luck, Feng Shui, Virtue and Knowledge

All of these gifts are very important and can be enhanced through Feng Shui. My experience is and you may also find that once your ‘Flying Star’ chart is done, you begin to gradually implement cures and introduce much needed elements into a room.

You may also find that with your highlighted awareness once you have a consultation, life will change and begin to flow smoothly. This is my objective, to help you to have the best energetic (Shen Chi) environment possible where ever you live or work. 


Feng Shui is one of the eight limbs of traditional medicine, it seeks to balance the flow and containment of ‘CHI’ (energy) between heaven, earth and humans.It has been used for centuries to enhance and maintain harmony, balance, health and prosperity.

Feng Shui charts can be produced for your Home or workplace. In my experience, Feng Shui is a natural way of creating the ideal environment  to optimise our life at home or in business.

A reading is taken of your property with a special compass, then a chart is created onto your floor plan with a report in which I explain present energies and any cures needed in the building. This is a ‘2 appointment’ consultation.

The well respected Flying Star Feng Shui principles are used in my practice. A Flying Star chart is a specific Astrological reading for a building in aspects of time and location with conclusions given for this point in time. As an astrological interpretation for the building, strong and weak influences are identified according to its age and orientation, we relate them to the current time.

The “stars” identified for your building are energetic influences (favourable or unfavourable). They align to specific areas (sectors) which are charted onto your floor plans. In particular, I focus on the three specific ‘Luck’ energies and three specific ‘Prosperity’ energies which most buildings have. My clients receive updates and information about this year’s influencing energy and how it affects the building. For unfavourable energies, we suggest elemental ‘cures’ such as placing something which represents certain elements, for example, “Water and Wood”, you could place 3 bamboo stalks in a vase of water to drain an energy you dont need in the room.

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