Healing Artwork

I have been painting for most of my life. These days I like to use Himalayan  salt, mixed in with the acrylic paints. These salts are known to have a natural healing quality and I like to think that an art piece hanging would , in turn, have a positive vibration for the room. This is certainly my intention. As I love and grow organic roses, I also use the flower essence when painting. There is some form of love whenever somebody creates a painting, regardless of the type or standard of the work.

My work is very simple in that, I use colours inspired from groups within the 5 elements which move me at the time I am painting. I also consider the elemental cures needed for rooms and I create pieces which clients may purchase.

red phoenixThe Crimson Phoenix represents the celestial guardian at the front of a home. It can also be placed where FIRE and EARTH are needed.


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