Feng Shui feels relaxing and natural

Have you ever sat in a garden and felt totally at peace, relaxed or at one with nature?

A beautiful temple's garden in Vietnam.
A beautiful temple’s garden in Vietnam.

Feng Shui in any home or even applied to a garden can give you this serene feeling.

You can feel more relaxed by placing favourable elements in particular sectors of your home or garden.  For example a colour, shape or texture, which is representative of the energy you need can bring you the essence of being nurtured and at peace.

If an environment is not supportive of its energy, the space can feel incomplete and sometimes irritating or uncomfortable.

When a room is optimised with simple Feng Shui principles, it serves the owners well. Once a Flying Star chart is completed, you will know the identified Luck and Prosperity sectors of your environment. Advice is then given to optimise the positive ‘ Shen Chi’ and minimise any unfavourable ‘Shar Chi’.

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Classic Form School Feng Shui is considered however a Flying Star Chart is considered and well respected as an accurate interpretation of energetic influences in any environment.


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