Feng Shui and personal style


This is a unique style consultation

For many reasons, how we feel isn’t always reflected in how we dress. Do you find it hard to find clothes which are ‘really you’?

Having a Fashion Feng Shui® consultation or attending a workshop is all about becoming aligned with your personal style via the 5 elements of Feng Shui. Knowing your style code and dressing for your ‘intention’ is what Evanna Maggiore, the creator of Fashion Feng Shui® articulated. I am a licensed facilitator based in Victoria, Australia and I offer this as one of my services.


Contact me  for a non-obligatory introductory discussion (Skype available) about Feng Shui for your home, for your business or for your self.

Clothes can add or subtract from our ‘vibe’, impression, personal brand….it’s called many things. We all have days when we feel strong, ‘on a mission’, ‘winning’, or days like in complete relaxation, flow and harmony. We also have days when we feel like we are ‘off the mark’, on a downward spiral.

In a personal Fashion Feng Shui® consultation, I can show you how to wear and therefore attract the element aligned with your goals, personal energies and your essence.

Dressing the ‘real’ you

Are you attracted to particular colours or types of clothing? There is a reason for this. i will help you understand your own style triad and how to use certain colours and styles/fabrics when mindfully dressing everyday. It takes no more time, just the ‘know how’.

A unique perspective on personal style

Quick, easy and effective.

Once you learn about design elements aligned to you, your shopping experiences become more streamlined and enjoyable because you will know exactly what you are looking for.

The knowledge you gain will offer you a positive starting point and shopping strategy. You will be looking for clothes to Fulfill, Flatter and Fortify you.

Fashion Feng Shui® was developed by Evana Maggiore. The company Fashion Feng Shui International are wonderful mentors. I work in Australia however they have trained consultants worldwide.

Founder of Fashion Feng Shui
Founder of Fashion Feng Shui
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