Feng Shui and Space Clearing

In a way, they go hand in hand. The Flying Star reading will identify the current prevalent energy present elementally. This in turn gives us clues to optimise the energy as thus improve its effects on you. Do I feel the energy in a room? I often do, however this is my own innate perception. The Feng Shui chart is the science, the intuition is something else. So, do the two ever meet? Yes, of course they do. If my intuitive feeling is asked for, I will offer it. The Feng Shui comes first for me.

If a room needs the elements of Water and Wood, I will suggest placing something which represents those elements. For example, 3 bamboo shoots in a vase of water. If I also feel that this room would benefit from sunlight, I will suggest opening the window coverings/drapes and curtains every morning.

I also can use my pendulum to ‘test’ the energy or confirm an intuitive conclusion. Why not improve your space energetically if you can do so? To be in a room which you know delivers positive energy for you is simply brilliant and it can support your creativity, performance and attraction of your goals.

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