Fashion Feng Shui® for you

Your natural style can be interpreted through the elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. When a woman is in synchronicity with her style, we identify her with confidence, vitality and positive energy, regardless of her age or vocation. She ‘owns’ her authentic style. The consultation will help you to identify yours and offer guidelines for dressing to help you to express your own true style.

My 90 minute consultation is for women who want to dress in styles which not only look great but also feel great. Fashion Feng Shui is a unique mindful approach to style and fashion selection. What we wear affects our day, there is no doubt about this. Learning about our personal energies and what you need to wear to mindfully remind you about attracting your goals is a powerful tool to know. I work closely with colour specialists who can go into more detail about particular versions of colour, however I can offer you the clours, shapes and textures to complement you.  Gift vouchers are available.

Learn how to choose clothes which you look and feel your best in. Dress the ‘whole’ self to Fulfill, Flatter, Fortify and also be Functional for your lifestyle.

  1. Acknowledge your Essence and your key Elements.

2. Learn which elements align with your colouring and body shape.
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3. Which shapes, styles, colours and textures are important for you to wear now? 

Dress for your GoalsFIreEarthMetalWaterWoodContact me  for a non-obligatory introductory discussion (Skype available). 

Personalised Consultation  (2 x 90 minute appointments)

Complete details are available once you have emailed your inquiry.  Naturally, all information is confidential. Naturally, I am respectful of your privacy. Skype appointments are available too.

Eleni talks briefly about Feng Shui and Style.

Additional Services:

Wardrobe Edit appointments.

Personal Shopping appointments.

For a confidential discussion, click here to contact me.

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