In my home, can I apply what I have read about Feng Shui in books?

You can certainly adopt the “form school” principles (such as having clear, uncluttered spaces) however in “Flying Star” we believe in obtaining the most accurate reading and chart possible and this involves a trained Feng Shui consultant who can obtain the correct position of your building and chart each sector of the building for you on the plans.

By doing this, you will know where the positive current ‘chi’ is and how to minimise any unfavourable influences. My master teaches that ‘Flying Star Feng Shui’ gives people precise analysis particular to a building and its location so I would always recommend a personal consultation.

How do Personal Style and Feng Shui work?

5 elements visualIf you feel that it’s time to re-discover your true style nature. If you find it challenging to find clothes that you love wearing, then, you are in the right place!

The sessions I offer are set up so that anybody can learn in a friendly, relaxed environment.  I offer consultations based around Fashion Feng Shui® which is a way of aligning the real you with the Feng Shui elements  which represent your Mind, Body and Spirit.

Have you ever tried to find a perfect outfit and nothing seemed right?

Each one of us has a unique Style Triad. This encompasses your Essence, Intention and Appearance. It’s the Mind, Body Spirit approach to dressing.

Each of the 5 Elements of Feng Shui expresses in Fashion & in us.

You can then ‘tweak’ to uplift your style whenever you want to with this go to system for dressing for any occasion and any time in one’s life.

It doesn’t take extra time or $ – it is a journey of self discovery. Bookings can be made at a mutually convenient venue. Find my Contact details here.

Can the consultation include a make up lesson too?

EverydaYes, for sure! Make sure to make a note on your enquiry.

We become used to applying make up the same way, using the same colours out of habit. I am a make up artist who teaches easy ways! I enjoy showing my clients the ‘tricks of the trade’ for every day make up or special occasions for women of all ages. Make up is for every one! Even if you have never been shown the ‘how to’s’ at any age!

I use naturally enriched products as they are naturally based, ethical and affordable.


Can the energy or ‘chi’ in any building be optimised? Yes!

Flying Star consultations are a traditional Feng Shui practice and are for buildings, including homes, offices, shops and land sites. Usually, rooms can be enhanced with an aim to becoming energetically influenced to attract luck and prosperity.

The ‘chi‘ or energy is what it is however in Flying Star Feng Shui we use time and place to identify each sector of the building. This way, we can advise which are the most positive areas and show you how you can enhance them with the 5 elements. Therefore similar applies to the possible negative ‘chi’ areas. We can advise which of the 5 elements you need in any negative ‘chi’ areas.

Every home does have classic ‘form school’ attributes. Where is your place positioned amongst the landscape, is it on a corner, what is behind or in front, next door? We look at the whole picture and provide you with a comprehensive report for your property.  In Feng Shui practises, the Chinese celestial animals protect exist energetically for each home and what you have there may affect the ‘chi’. These are a glimpse of many details given to you as owners or managers of property.

If you would like to read more about requirements prior to a consultation, click here.

Enhance the positive energy (‘chi’) in your home with a Flying Star Feng Shui consultation. This is a traditional and well respected method, developed over centuries by observational masters of life energy. It is a scientific way of observing and analysing, time and space and how it may influence those who occupy the building.

Charts are unique for each building. This means that even houses next door to each other will have a personalised chart for their own ‘chi’ (energy as it is commonly referred to in Feng Shui). In consulting for your building, I ask that owners find out the year in which the building was constructed and have plans or scale drawings available. Help is available if you do not have these. I take a reading of your property with a Luo Pan compass and will define the 8 energy sectors on the plans. I provide my clients with a comprehensive report and follow up appointment. Clients also receive a yearly email update so that you know how to maximise the current year’s energetic influence and cure placement guidelines.

Favourable elements will be suggested for each sector of your home or business. So why would you choose to have a reading and chart for a block of land? When a few blocks are available, a reading can identify the one with the most positive flow of ‘chi’ / energy. It’s also useful for placement of important features like front doors, bedrooms and kitchens.

Many architects work hand in hand with Feng Shui consultants. I have met an architect who is a Feng Shui master and she never designs without a Feng Shui analysis first! Feng Shui  can also help clients when 2 design options are offered to them.  If you can choose the best energetic influence for your life, why not?

In other words, we can help to optimise the energy or chi of almost any property. I offer Flying Star consultations for Homes and work places for luck, health and prosperity. I work in Victoria, Australia.

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