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Can our dressing  choices influence our success in attracting what it is that we want now in life?

The short answer is yes.

I feel that this must have been visited many times in  Evana Maggiore’s body of work, developing the Fashion Feng Shui® system of decoding Fashion style down to the 5 elements of Feng Shui.

In this unique system of identifying style, we teach people how to dress their Triad of style, not just for their physical appearance. Firstly, we should dress Essence, which is who we are at our most natural. To dress Essence is fulfilling because we honour who we really are and how we see the world. Then, we evaluate Appearance elementally. The colour of hair, skin, eyes and body shape. To dress Appearance is to wear things which are flattering.

We then consider Intention, that is, what the client is really seeking in life right now. This can change and we can re-assess and adjust style to include any new intentions say every six months. Dressing for our Intention, does fortify us. Your environment and surrounds are important as we see dressing for this completely functional and realistic.WELL BEING YOUR WAY

I prefer to lead people to knowing their personal energies and discovering style suggestions from our menus of the aligned fashion choices. I may recommend a colour representing FIRE, however the choice of colour in this element is up to my client. I do offer my personal aesthetic opinion if I am asked as a shade of red or purple has a spectrum of options within the one colour. One option will be more in harmony with you than another.

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So what has essentially changed in the way I choose what to wear daily? I dress the ‘whole’ now. My mind, body and spirit. For me, the choice encompasses the five senses and the 5 elements. I suggest fashion, accessories and even fragrances. My years in cosmetics have served me well to date. I have attracted personal development opportunities, self awareness, artistic endeavors and I now work in my own business which is as unique as each day and most importantly happiness and harmony in my family life.

I love Fashion Feng Shui® because the Essence of a person is at the very core of the choice every time. If it is ignored or bypassed, one doesn’t generally feel authentic nor ‘in their own skin’ with their fashion.  If I was to give a client with a “Metal” Essence (think of the perfect organizer, one who offers meticulous work, exceeds expectations, adores quality and luxury) a garment which is largely reflective of  “Earth” – traditional and relaxed in its design components….she would probably assume that I am not the right style advisor for her. She would be constantly ‘straightening’ her clothes all day and checking whether the looked ‘polished’ enough.

Elemental Style and the energy or image you extend to others.

Everything is elemental in fashion, from pant cut to earrings, from shoes to hats and let’s not forget the skirt. We can choose to wear a representation of the elemental energy which we want to attract, even if it is the shape of one component of any ensemble. A square shaped handbag represents ‘EARTH’. If I feel that I need ‘grounding’ , nurturing or kindness today, I would choose to wear  ‘Earth’ elementally in my outfit.  I may alternatively select a earthy colour or cable jumper.

Doing this daily is strange at first but it is easy once you learn the flow. Your mind is sparked into thinking about your day ahead. Instead of dreading something, you prepare and think about which energy would serve you best today.   The point is , I’m thinking about my image energetically and I can dress accordingly. If I have a mediator’s role at a very fiery meeting, I may not select the FIRE element as I know this may put me in the line of ‘FIRE’. So I avoid Zips, studs and hot colours! Once this is explained to clients, they usually say, that it makes sense or that they knew it somehow.

Having a Fashion Feng Shui ® is a way to learning about yourself and your own triad of style according to the 5 elements of Feng Shui. I must say that I personally offer an intuitive perspective as I have always worked with this in cosmetics, fashion development and styling. I have noticed that its a common thread among my beautiful colleagues around the world, who also offer this holistic service of personal styling.

The five elements of Feng Shui can help you to be mindful of living your dream each day.

Founder of Fashion Feng Shui in the USA.
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