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Flying Star Feng Shui Readings are a 2 appointment consultation

Home Entrance (1)Appointment 1

A Luo- Pan compass Reading is taken of your property. The property is viewed, meet and greet conversation about your property’s positioning energy prior to the chart and report.

Floor Plans and Year of construction and the dates of any renovations should be provided by you.

Appointment 2

The chart, floor plan of sectors and comprehensive report is presented an d energies explained to you. Cures recommended to optimise Luck or minimise negative energy.

Home or Business?

The type of premise is very important. For homes, we need to rejuvenate, live in harmony, enjoy life with family and friends. In business, we aim to maximise profits, work productively and attract new business.

The Chart

A Flying Star Feng Shui analysis is charted onto your floor plans. This identifies each sector and direction of your property. You will know which cardinal and inter-cardinal direction the sectors of your property are in.

The report created will be also personalised for you and the energy and remedies (if needed) will be explained for each sector of the building.


In Flying Star Feng Shui, generally we offer 3 yearly remedies for each building, whether it’s a home or business. They can be discretely placed and blended to complement your chosen interior style.

I personalise each consultation to suit the clients’ needs and upcoming focus. Each person and business is different.

Consultation Quote – A personalised quote is given on an individual basis. From $250 AUD.

As a client , you will receive a monthly update by email or by Facebook notification (it’s your choice! All clients are invited to join the Feng Shui Styling private Facebook group once their consultation is completed).

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