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Sharing the love

What a cosmic download I had today. A meditation session gave me this title of my new blog. Sharing the love.  It’s what I do, have always done and will continue to do for the rest of my life. Whether it’s fashion tips, healing art, beauty know how or Feng …

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Feng Shui and Space Clearing

In a way, they go hand in hand. The Flying Star reading will identify the current prevalent energy present elementally. This in …

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The Spirited Woman

It was a serendipitous experience and honour to connect with Nancy Mills, who is the creator of The Spirited Woman Directory, click to …

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Sunday Brunch

The thought of dressing for Sunday Brunch seems easy however I encourage you to think about the rest of your day and …

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Feng Shui, Beauty and Fashion

  Can our dressing  choices influence our success in attracting what it is that we want now in life? The short answer …

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Intuitive Stylist

I’ve had the privilege of helping my wonderful friend and author, Carolynn Milne, “Listen, the Angels Speak” at Melbourne’s Mind Body Spirit Festival. She …

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