Easy Breezy Style know how

New Year Resolutions….we start off so spiritedly, with the best intentions. 🙂 We promise ourselves to eat more healthy, walk more, catch up with friends more often. These are all honourable intentions. What happens to many of us is that during the year, life happens and our intentions get side tracked. 🙄 

If you want a good starting point for expressing your true nature with style, I naturally recommend that you explore your Fashion Feng Shui® triad. Here, our perspective is one of dressing for wholeness. In other words, we teach you how to collaborate your triad of style through the 5 elements. Dressing with this in mind is beneficial for Mind, Body and Spirit and you begin to find clothes for the ‘real’ you.

imageFullfill your Essence (Spirit)

Flatter your Appearance and colouring (Body)

Fortify/ Function for your Intention (Mind)


The consultations are personalised and reasonably priced. I would be pleased to email you an average costing. You may prefer coming to a workshop with a few friends or just come along to one of the classes at Sacred Keys this year. I love helping people of all ages and shapes and sizes. These consultations are a unique, they are fun and most importantly are all about you!

I am delighted to incorporate this uplifting way of helping women to re-discover their personal style. As one of the first facilitators in Australia, I can see how people here will love the concept. Life happens and whatever your experience is currently, Fashion Feng Shui can help you to connect with your own unique style again.

Wondering what to wear can be daunting at any age or stage in life. A Fashion Feng Shui® consultation or workshop offers a unique approach to personal style. You know when your outfit is right, it is when you feel amazing and everything seems to flow your way….you will understand how to do this daily and why it works. Any age, any shape, this is a beautiful personal experience with honesty, integrity and with a realistic approach to helping you with styling yourself, authentically. Eleni


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