2015 Feng Shui ‘To Do’ list

goat 2015Each year (from Feb 4th in 2015) annual Feng Shui cures are placed to harmonise the energy which the year brings into the corresponding sector of your home.

They can be discretely placed, even under a chair’s pillow or mattress is fine. The important point is that these are placed in the correct sector of your building as per your personalised Feng Shui chart.

For those who have had a consultation and know the Feng Shui sectors of their home. The 2015 ‘to do’ list or ‘Feng Shui cures’ are:

Six coins – 
Place in the South East sector anywhere as this weakens the energy relating to ill health and trouble.(no red, preferably threaded with black/white ribbon)

6 metal bells or solid pipe wind chimesShould be placed in the West sector to lessen the energy this year of difficulties, obstacles and misfortune.

Dragon-headed turtle –  is placed in the South West sector facing the SW. This is placed to drain the energy of the Grand Duke which can bring confrontation, losses, injury and hardship.

This year the 7 in the South can bring conflict and scandals for females. Weaken this energy by placing elements of Water and Wood in the sector. EG: 3 bamboo in water or three flowers in water. This is particularly important for workplaces.

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