Traditional Feng Shui Chart and Consultation

A traditional Feng Shui reading and chart and report for the home or workplace can help your life in general by working with the existing flow of positive chi (energy) in your environment. For example, a chart may highlight to a Feng Shui consultant that a simple shift in where a person sleeps or where a business owner sits in their office can improve outcomes. Click here for more details.

Fashion Feng Shui® Consultation

This is about learning about styling yourself from within. I can align you with your own personal Feng Shui elements so when you choose what to wear, it not only looks good on the outside but also supports how we feel and think on the inside naturally. Watch the Video link below to hear more about it. Eleni is a Personal stylist and a Fashion Feng Shui® Facilitator. Helping you to discover your authentic style is key to your daily happiness. Daily effortless dressing can be a blessing in terms of your personal daily energy to flow and attracting goals through the 5 elements into your life.

Beauty Consultant Services

I have worked in this area for many years, helping women to find their right makeup colours and skincare. I believe in Beauty from within, so using your favourable Feng Shui elements, you can incorporate easy colour choices in your make up into your everyday beauty.  I am also a coach for people wanting to start their own Beauty Consulting. More on this Here.









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